Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
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Environmental Pillar

BNC has a well-defined SHEQ policy with Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality elements. The thrust of the operation is ZERO HARM and the operation’s aim is to create a safe working environment to all employees and stakeholders and to mitigate the impacts/effects arising from its activities, services and products. In light of this, BNC is engaged in a number of interventions that support coexistence between employees and the communities and the world at large. Such interventions include the following:

BNC is currently meeting its compliance obligations, in terms of managing the environment. It has a total of 5 permitted discharge points (licenced) and all running on an annual schedule, and these are;

  • Insingizi Slimes Dam Permit,
  • Domestic Waste Landfill Permit,
  • East Oxidation Ponds Permit,
  • West Oxidation Ponds Permit,
  • Emergency Silt Pond Permit.