Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
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Social Pillar

Cultural and Social Pillar

There is an underlying relationship between BNC and the community that continues to exist. BNC has supported the local communities in the following areas:


BNC respects the cultural backgrounds of its employees (Internal Interested Parties) and the communities (External Interested Parties). This is done by accepting and promoting the use of local community languages e.g., the minority language of Chewa. In honoring and respecting the departed, BNC has a designated cemetery in accordance with the Bindura Municipality (Cemeteries) Regulations, 2012.


BNC has embarked on a number of projects in support of the social needs of its employees, dependants and the surrounding communities. These include:

  • Refurbishing of the Trojan Nickel Mine Primary School.
  • Facilitating voluntary vaccination and treatment.
  • Supporting the school and village with COVID-19 prevention and control equipment/materials, which include face masks, waste receptacles, and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials among others. To date 14 000 masks have been distributed to the mine village and other distant areas. The local ZRP has also benefitted as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Upgrading the Ministry of Health and Child Care COVID-19 Isolation Centres.
  • Maintaining of the Trojan Road, by pothole filling and grass cutting among others.
  • Supplying of waste bins.
  • Supplying basic essential services such portable water, electricity and supporting employees and residents on waste management.

The operation’s employees are mostly accommodated in houses constructed on site by BNC, most of these houses are now owned by the employees through an agreement entered into by employees and BNC in 2012. At closure of the Madziwa Mines and Epoch Mines, BNC donated the infrastructure of these closed mines to the government for use as a college and university respectively.