Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited
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Our Core Values


The Company recognizes the importance of performance standards that respond proactively, positively and comprehensively to the standards of excellence that its internal and external stakeholders expect from the Company. Performance management and measurement structures, systems, processes and procedures are in place, in order to ensure consistency in the adherence to set quality standards in every aspect of the Company’s business.


We strive to match what we do with what we say we can or will do. We value the manner of our conduct, both internally with respect to employees and externally, viz a viz the diversity of our stakeholders. Through the Company’s Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy, as well as through other internal control structures and procedures, we endeavour to consistently enforce uncompromising adherence to strict moral and ethical standards.


BNC is a publicly listed entity and has a duty and obligation to regularly report to its Shareholders, Investors and other Stakeholders, how the Company would have performed, both operationally and financially. In addition, in an effort to maintain a good industrial relations atmosphere, Management engages the employees, through their leadership structures, and holds formalised meetings with them to discuss and exchange views that relate to the performance of the Company as well as those that affect their safety, health and welfare.

Employee Empowerment

On a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, Management and employees conduct planning and operational update meetings, during which performance targets are set and/or reviewed. In addition, through the Works Council platforms, Management and the Worker Leadership hold structured meetings at least once every month. The agendas for such meetings are mutually agreed between both sides and the meetings are recorded. These structures form the basis of the mutual trust that exists between Management and the employees and enable the Company to build and maintain strong inter-personal relationships at the workplace which, in turn, enable our employees to feel that BNC recognizes and values their contribution to the progress that the business continues to make, year in, year out. The Company does not tolerate any form of discrimination at the workplace, whether it be on the basis of race, culture, religion, ethnicity or gender. Every employee has the same rights and entitlement to just and fair treatment and his or her contribution to the success of the business is recognized and appreciated.

Good corporate citizenship

BNC prioritizes making a positive social impact, acting ethically and ensuring the long-term environmental sustainability of its operations, among other actions. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company has Corporate Social Responsibility programmes which target to support the community in which it operates, in such areas as COVID-19 prevention and mitigation, sports and recreational activities and employment creation. Our support also extends to government institutions and local schools and universities.